Tuesday, December 10, 2013

When it Rains it Pours

It's been raining steadily for a few days now, maybe more.
While snow has fallen from Washington D.C. to further north,
here the ocean keeps us warm.

But this rain has been steady.
Driving around town makes me feel as if I'm inside a rain cloud.
Everything is gray and the rain has soaked everything.
It's chilly and wet outdoors, 
and that  makes for a cozy pre-Christmas afternoon.
But it's a mess, no doubt.

Then today as I was driving downtown, slogging through standing rain,
watching the windshield wipers send waterfalls of water across the glass,
I saw the coolest thing.

I was driving behind a tractor-trailer rig that had off-loaded its container.
And as the truck drove through the rain, 
its six tires sent six separate fountains of spraying water
up through the frame.
When the truck was at full speed, 
the water plumes were high.
When the truck slowed down, the sprays dropped
the way I've seen some timed fountains do.

The truck's wide tires rolling through the rain,
sending lots of rainwater spinning up and out,
turned out to be an unlikely place for poetry in motion.

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