Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Road Less Traveled

Today I decided to take a different road than the one I usually travel.
An interstate, to be exact.
It was actually quicker, so I didn't hesitate
even though I generally prefer to travel slower streets and parkways.
Not because the traffic moves slower, but because it moves,
unlike the local interstates which easily turn into parking lots.

At any rate, I didn't expect to see anything notable on the interstate, 
but I was wrong.
The day was sunny and cold, and I was enjoying the absence of rain.
As I drove a little further, the road went by a large lake.
It was a field of sparkling deep blue,
and on it floated hundreds of white seagulls.
They were oblivious to the speeding traffic
and all the people rushing, rushing, rushing to get somewhere.
Oh, to be a seagull floating on a sea of blue.


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