Wednesday, December 4, 2013

American Holly

Today in the Shire was pleasantly warm, 
no breeze, and a little on the damp side. 
But gray, very gray.
And the gray skies and leafless trees made me think 
how colorless and drab the winter landscape can be...

Then I got to work and parked my car in the parking garage--
one level further up than normally 
because there were no spaces available on the lower decks.
And I was annoyed 
(yes, I know--nothing to be annoyed about but I was).

But then I noticed that I was "in the treetops."
Those trees were American hollies, planted in a row, deep glossy green,
full of bright red berries.
I would never have seen them if I hadn't had to park there.
And it being December, the American hollies seemed like a nice seasonal touch,
a good reminder of the holidays.
I like little twists of fate like that.

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