Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Decorations in Yellow

When I started writing about the different colors
for Christmas decorations, 
I didn't really think there would be too many unusual ones.
I was so wrong.
Pink? Yes. Teal? Of Course.
Yellow? Apparently so.

Look what I found. It's a yellow Christmas tree
with green and yellow John Deere tractors.

Granted, this next photo is an M&M candy ad,
but it really demonstrates what a yellow Christmas would look like
(without John Deer tractors, that is).
If you cover up the yellow M&M in the foreground,
the tree, wreath, and stockings are almost cheerful.
yellow Christmas - I LOVE this ad!!

And finally, this one is not to be believed.
I thought I was the only one who put a tree up in every room--
but admittedly (and thankfully)
 I never thought of putting a full-size tree in the bathroom,
let alone decorate it with yellow rubber duckies:

But there you have it,
Christmas for those of you who love yellow.

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