Monday, December 9, 2013

O Christmas Tree, Going Coastal

I love "putting up the tree" as my Dad always 
called decorating the Christmas tree each year.
Over the years, I have collected 5 full-size trees and 4 table-top trees,
lots of ornaments and lots of trimmings.
And no matter how many table-top trees I give away,
I seem to always have more. 

This isn't our tree, but we do have white starfish like these,
only much smaller:
Entry Christmas tree

This year, we plan to decorate three of our larger trees.
One in traditional red and green; one in silver, gold, bronze, and copper;
and one in what I call an ocean theme, 
but what most people refer to as nautical or coastal.
Ours is green with blue, white, and iridescent glass balls,
starfish, sand dollars, assorted shells and miscellaneous ornaments
like lighthouses, ice cream cones and candy 
(what else do you buy when you go to the beach?)

It's so much fun to decorate the trees 
and then sit nearby and admire the ornaments 
and the lights and the memories they evoke. 

But as I told my husband, I like a heavily laden tree,
so I've got a few nautical miles to go before I can say it's done.
But even so, it's beautiful!

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