Friday, December 20, 2013

Orange Christmas Trees?

I've always loved orange,
but I'm not so sure it would be my first choice for my Christmas tree.
Some folks think differently.
For example, here's a Christmas tree decked out in orange and purple
Christmas Tree Gallery via

Not so bad. Purple and orange has got a jazzy, happy quality anyway.

And this one is orange and chartreuse:
Orange & Lime Christmas tree via

The orange and green combination looks so great for Halloween
and Thanksgiving, but somehow, it clashes with Christmas.

But really, there are no words to describe this:

This one is more of a burnished orange, 
and I appreciate its coppery undertones:

I would say that this one, 
with its toned down orange motif, has a certain charm:

Earlier, I said there were no words 
for the orange-orange tree in front of the blue curtains (pictured above);
however, I hadn't yet seen this next photo.
But I'd like to amend my original analysis 
and say that there are truly there  no words for this instead:
orange christmas tree balls

White, blue, pink, teal, yellow, and orange Christmas trees. 
What's next? Chocolate? black? 
Well, you never know what you'll find 
when you visit the Still Waters blog this month.
It's a colorful world, after all.

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