Monday, December 23, 2013

Silver and Gold Christmas Decorations

One of the gifts of the Magi was gold,
so it's not surprising that gold is such a popular addition
to Christmas decor.
Gold is warm, it gleams and glimmers and glitters--
and it looks great with just about every other color.
The last couple of years,
I have decorated one of my white Christmas trees
all in gold, silver, copper, with a little bronze here and there.
It's one of my favorite trees.

Here are some beautiful metallic Christmas decorations:

These are some of Martha Stewart's metallic Christmas tree ornaments:

Here's a white tree decorated with silver and gold.
This just looks very warm and peaceful to me:

I love the look in the photo above, 
but I wouldn't necessarily want it to be the only tree 
that I have in the house at Christmas.

This next one is a very pretty example of a silver and gold tree,
and I do like the super-size colt on the table.
In some homes, a large piece like that looks completely chic,
but I have a feeling in other houses a large equine objet d'art
might prompt visitors to ask why you have a big horse statue on the table.
And how do you have a conversation over/around/through a decor item like that?

Here's a charming tree from "Live, Love, DIY."
I love that this gorgeous tree is decorated with inexpensive ornaments, 
some from the dollar store, some home-made by the Virginia, the blog author.
Love her creative spirit:

Now I know what I can do with all the pine cones in my back yard.

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