Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Superstitions

Today is Friday the 13th--
a bad day according to some 
because it combines Friday, said to be an unlucky day of the week
and 13, thought to be an unlucky number.
But superstitions hold less sway over people nowadays.
And some superstitions began so long in the past
that many have forgotten them.
Those who haven't forgotten them 
often have no idea where the superstition came from.

A good example is this Christmas superstition 
said to come from an Irish tradition: 
if the first Christmas card you receive 
has an image of the Three Wise Men, Kings of the Orient,
then you are supposed to hang it over your front door
for a year of good luck.
It would be fun to find out if this indeed brings happy fortune,
and possibly, very wise.

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