Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Eve Decorations

Once Christmas is over
and twinkling lights on neighborhood houses
begin to blink off one by one,
New Year's Eve celebrations become our consolation prize
for a holiday season too rapidly ending.
And while some of us will say good-bye to 2013
with a quiet toast at home,
others will pull out all the stops.
So if you're planning a big New Year's Eve celebration,
you might want to get started on the decor.

For example, here's a table setting for a New Year's Eve
celebration, replete with crystal drops from the ceiling
and fluffy sheep skins on the chairs:

I guess since some people will be swinging from the rafters
by midnight, this party space tosses some decor upwards:

Party City suggests a black and gold theme:

While Constant Contact goes with gold and silver:

This person is really expecting some revelry:

I don't think there's an official color scheme for celebrating the end of the year,
but from what I've seen on the internet, 
most are dedicated to silver, white, or gold.
Maybe those are the colors of hope.

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