Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Door Decor

Yesterday was unseasonably hot, 
but nature remedied its mistake overnight
as the temperatures plummeted 40 degrees and the rains began.
However, the change in weather made today much more Christmas-like.
So I'm thinking of Christmas decor for front doors.
Here are my favorites:

Here's one from HGTV that is really charming.
One of my neighbors placed gift-wrapped packages on her front steps
and it looks very festive:

This gray door is definitely brightened up for Christmas:

I love the lanterns on the step in this next photo.
I thought about putting some out this year, 
but I don't think mine are weather-proof:

This one, with its horizontal design, is unusual.
The fresh greens and fruit are very much in keeping 
with the Colonial Williamsburg style of holiday decorating.

Whether a simple wreath or something more,
front door decorations offer a friendly peek at the delights of Christmas
as they unfold at others' houses.

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