Sunday, December 22, 2013

Black Christmas Decor

Black has a number of symbolic associations,
none of which has been Christmas-related.
Until now.
This black Christmas theme gives new meaning 
to finding a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking.
Of course, some  black ornaments are quite beautiful,
especially when paired with gold or silver:

Black can also convey kind of a fun, energetic feeling 
when paired with white geometric shapes:

But a black Christmas tree?
Enjoying a cup of egg nog or singing carols around a black tree
seems oddly out of place.
Morbid, even.

Don't misunderstand. I love black. It's an accent color in my home.
And since I like having more than one tree,
 I've thought about doing a white tree with black and metallic ornaments
one of these days. Maybe.
These trees have given me second thoughts:

Here a black tree is paired with white lights and purple and ivory ornaments.
Next to the glossy black grand piano and the warm almond-colored walls,
it looks very sophisticated, if a bit restrained.
It seems to say, "Joy to the world--but not too much.
Remember yourself, don't get too excited":

And here's one from Modern Homes Interior Design,
by way of the web site "Freak Chic,"
that is so understated it would surely disappoint anyone
who loves the razzle-dazzle, glitter and gleam of Christmas:

It makes me sleepy just to look at it.

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