Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Fireplace Mantels

This time of year it's fun to look at
how other people have decorated for Christmas.
I've seen some photos of fireplace mantels
that are just so beautiful.
But I don't seem to have the knack for it 
even though I have a mantel that is nearly eight feet wide.
Here are some fireplace mantels that inspire me to keep trying
and some that leave me relieved that my mantel is still bare.
You can decide which you think is which.

As soon as I Googled "fireplace mantels for Christmas"
this one caught my attention.

I just love red and green and white at Christmas:

On the other hand, is there a fireplace under all of that Christmas decor?

Here's one in white and gold that's restrained by comparison:

This last one is one of my favorite photos.
I guess because it is just so darned cozy.
I love the caramel walls, the lighted topiaries, the white furniture.
It looks casual and comfortable, 
with a little flair and polish.

Google images

Of course, I'm pretty sure if I added a couple of lighted topiaries
and white stockings to my mantel,
it would just look like we hadn't put our laundry away.
But then, Christmas is for dreaming.

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