Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Decorations in Lime Green

I like the traditional Christmas green color,
a deep rich emerald green.
But it seems that in recent years,
that color has been supplanted with a more contemporary green,
a lime-green or chartreuse color.
I do like it. It seems to act almost like a neutral with pinks, blues, violets, and reds.
 But I think I like it better in the spring than at Christmas.
Even so, it's an especially fresh, attractive color when  paired with white or silver
as it is in this photo:

christmas tree with lime green tree decorating idea.

Decorating with feathers isn't for everyone, 
but I use white feather boas to give the illusion of snow
under some silver and gold reindeer figures I have.
But this chartreuse feathered wreath is pretty stunning:

Here is a tree decorated with chartreuse and  copper-red mesh:

Certainly more palatable than a bright yellow tree or one bedecked with orange.

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