Thursday, November 21, 2013

World Hello Day

I ran across a couple of interesting observances 
that take place November 21st each year;
No Music Day, established in 2005 to protest bad music 
being played in public places, and World Hello Day,
an annual global event created in 1973 to promote world peace.

The objective of No Music Day is to observe a day without "consuming"
the background music being played in so many public buildings.
Bill Drummond, the creator of No Music Day,
says that music has become cheapened through its overuse in commercial spaces.
So the observance is focused on refusing to listen to music
others have selected in order to manipulate you into buying more products.

On the other hand, World Hello Day
hopes to bring the world a bit closer
by inviting people to connect with one another.
To observe World Hello Day,
one has only to say hello to 10 people they meet.
With or without music.

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