Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey Vulture?

I don't know when the turkey vultures
decided that my neighborhood looked like a good place
for them to set up housekeeping,
but they are here and show no signs of departing.

Today as I drove out of the neighborhood,
I noticed that two of the light poles 
were covered with several turkey vultures each.
The vultures were all facing the same direction 
(the same way I was going) 
but oddly, each one of them  had their wings spread wide.
I don't know if they were trying to dry them off
or if they were just pretending to be eagles.

The trees at the north end of the lake 
were black with turkey vultures--none with wings spread.

AP file photo.

Later, when I returned home, 
I noticed the light poles and the trees
were vulture-free.
But then I turned onto the avenue that leads to my house.
OMG as they say nowadays.

There were almost two dozen turkey vultures lining both sides of the street,
so I had to drive right through them.
Two turkey vultures in the middle of the street 
picked at a carcass while others watched for a chance to take their turn.
An early Thanksgiving treat for them.
More like Halloween for me.

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