Friday, November 15, 2013

Oak Trees

Contemplating Oak Trees and their Leaves in November

It occurred to me the other day as I was looking out the window
at the tiny stand of trees behind my house,
that I have lived near oak trees my entire life.
The bounty of acorns, the rough gray bark, the lobed leaves
have been a constant no matter where I have lived.

The place I grew up hosted part of an historic stand of trees called Winfrey Grove.
My mom told me once that the oak trees in Winfrey Grove, 
which overlapped the south part of our property,
provided a common meeting place for residents of the township.
I always thought that was pretty cool.
I've long indulged in what I call "tree gazing."
No matter how busy I am,
I always find a few moments to stare at the trees 
and study their unique features.
It's nice to know that oaks are always near me,
standing and watching the world go by.

Oak leaves are tenacious and abiding.
Most of the leaves have already departed other trees,
but the oak leaves stay till spring.
Right now they are yellow, green, and a dull copper brown.
Tomorrow, who knows?

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