Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

I love holidays. For me, decorating for a holiday
is always one of the most enjoyable parts of the celebration.
So with Thanksgiving just two weeks from now,
I thought I'd share some Thanksgiving table ideas.

Isn't this one cute? It's got autumn leaves and pumpkins,
and a little surprise:  pheasant feathers.

This is a novel idea: pillar candles that spell out "giving thanks."
The simple autumn arrangement, construction paper leaves, and Windsor chairs
at the table give this tablescape an old-fashioned feel:

I love this idea: pumpkins filled with dried autumn flowers and naturals.
I like that the color scheme is orange, gold, and brown.
I've seen some tables decorated all in ivory and gold only, 
or all purple--neither has the warm and festive feel that you get with earth colors:

There are lots of ideas for decorating the holiday table,
but candles and flowers are must-haves.
These orange ranunculus are breathtaking:

Aren't Thanksgiving dinners best when enjoyed in the glow of candles?

I'm pretty sure all the Martha Stewarts out there would agree.

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