Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Our rainy and windy weather moved out overnight
in time for Thanksgiving to arrive with crisp temperatures and bright sunshine.
As we have the last few years, we drove to the country for dinner.

Thanksgiving is late this year,
so all the cotton fields had been picked except for a couple 
that appeared to have fallen victim to the excessive rain.
And the soybean fields lining the road were a deep rich ocher color.

Michael W. Twitty,

I love driving out through Isle of Wight county in the fall.
Here and there, old vine-covered houses and shacks with tin roofs
settle back into the overgrowth.
This is old plantation country, and large expanses of fields 
still sweep toward the horizon on either side of the road,
stopping only when they reach a thick forest of trees.

I saw wild turkeys picking their way across the stubble of a corn field,
and there were 5 deer: one was a buck with big antlers and a white tail.
Swarms of black birds filled the sky, 
and Canadian geese lounged around a pond,
while a lone seagull pretended to blend in.

We drove home as the shadows were lengthening
and everything glowed golden from the setting sun.
Really beautiful.
Hope your day was as lovely as ours.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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