Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen

Today brings an interesting phenomenon:
it is 11/12/13. 
When I saw the date on my calendar, 
I thought there must be something significant about today.
It turned out to be the weather.

The wind whistled at my office window, 
a small tree outside whipped to and fro from the gusts,
the sky was dark and ominous.

Then about 5 o'clock this evening, 
it started to snow!
In mid-November...
in Tidewater!

Fortunately, the air is dry and warm, 
so the snow came straight down in tiny white flecks.
I could hear it "fleck-ing" against everything outside.
If speckle were a sound, this would have been it.
Since it's all melting as soon as it hits a surface,
we don't have to worry about accumulation.
At least not yet.
Maybe it will come later, or maybe not at all.
In Tidewater, you have to be prepared for both possibilities.

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