Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Tips and Recipes for Creative People

Preparation for Thanksgiving dinner
includes a lot of meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation.
Not to mention house cleaning, decorations and place settings.
Taken all together, it's a lot of work but
there is an abundance of tips and recipes for making your Thanksgiving memorable,
courtesy of the Internet.

I can't say this ever occurred to me, 
but I guess if you're having that many people to dinner,
you might need a short cut like this:

While the potatoes are cooking and people are milling around hungry,
serve up a turducken cheeseball. 
Fortunately, you can make this in advance. ;-)

Before folks fill up on the turducken cheese ball,
remind them that dinner will be ready soon 
and they won't want to ruin their appetites.
After all, there is the stuffing to look forward to.
You can get creative there also. What about a little "stuffin"? 
That's stuffing baked into individual muffin pans.
Too conventional?
Then how about stuffing pizza?

thanksgiving pizza

I think I would have to decline an invitation for that kind of pizza.

So often at the end of a Thanksgiving meal, 
we have to decide between the pumpkin and the apple pie.
Solve that problem this year by baking a cherpumple pie cake.

I don't even want to see what some people are going to do with the turkey.

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