Saturday, November 16, 2013

Turkey Decorations

Talking Turkey

I was thinking about Thanksgiving today 
and the different ways Americans decorate for the holiday.
More and more, a lot of people skip from Halloween to Christmas.
Yet there remains a steadfast handful who insist on giving Thanksgiving
its due as an important day of celebration.

I'm sure those of us a certain age can recall
placing our hands on a piece of construction paper
and then tracing around our fingers to create a basic turkey shape
for further decorating.
So I was wondering what kind of turkey decorations are out there nowadays.

You can't go wrong with one of these old-fashioned folding paper turkeys:

Felt and ribbons? I'm pretty sure my pekes would make this a chew toy:

I like these turkeys made from naturals:

These "cup" turkeys from Family Holiday
are cute and very clever,
but I think it would be a cuter idea to use small terracotta pots

Leave it to Martha Stewart to cast her own turkeys from dyed cement:

Most of us aren't as ambitious as Martha,  
preferring instead to keep it a bit more simple:

Yarn ball, anyone?

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