Monday, November 11, 2013

Stained Glass for Autumn

People are so wonderfully creative.
Artistry shows up in lots of unexpected places--
like windows.

Friday when out with a friend, 
I came across the most charming stained glass "sun catcher."
It is exactly like the one in the photo above.
Three oak leaves and an acorn.
I usually don't put these kinds of things in my windows 
since I prefer a clear view of the outdoors;
but I was so delighted with this one I had to put it in my kitchen window
for the duration of the season.

I wondered if there were other examples of autumn-themed stained glass,
and I found quite a few in Google images. Here's a sampling:

This first one is a delight:

This one from Schuster Glass is beautiful,
but I would think you'd really have to love autumn
if you were to display this in your house all year:

On the other hand, here's one by Anne Ryan Miller, Hoosier Artist,
that I would leave up all year.
I love it's graceful lines and earthy tones:

This last one, which is by Brenda Valentine,
is exceptional in its detail, but I don't think I would want to display it year round.
Now Thanksgiving, that's a different story.

I wonder if it's for rent?

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