Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Few Notes from the Shire

Saturday's Child works hard for a Living
                                -verse from a 19th century nursery rhyme

Sometimes come days that are for maintenance:
mundane chores and loose ends that need to be tied up are addressed
after having been postponed during the work week.
If you're lucky, you have time to do something else.
But sometimes you work so steadily that you look up and it is 7 o'clock at night
and the once-sunny sky has dimmed and the moon has begun to rise.
And it seems your creativity and energy dipped  below the horizon along with the sun.
That's been my day.
 It will probably be my tomorrow, too.
But busy days at home bring their own serenity.

Vultures (Again!) by digitalART2

And yesterday another half dozen vultures
were camped out on the light poles around the lake near my house.
They seemed to have scared off all of the Canadian geese
who normally frequent that lake.
I find myself wondering what those vultures find so attractive 
about that part of our neighborhood.

Autumn and the Trees

The green leaves have all taken on an aura of gold.
And it looks like they are all beginning 
to finally fall under the spell of autumn.
As am I.

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