Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Norfolk Harbor

This time of year, darkness falls early.
And this fall, my work schedule
 is such that I drive home  long after twilight. 
On Monday and Wednesday, I work in Norfolk and
drive home over the Berkley Bridge, which spans the Elizabeth River.
Even after all these years, I never get tired of the view from that bridge.

You can see the Berkley Bridge in the upper right of this day-time photo 
from Destination 360 on the web:

On clear November nights, the water in the harbor is black, the sky inky.
But there are lights everywhere, all reflected in the dark water.
This photo by "Wind Warrior" is taken from the Portsmouth side of the harbor. 
The Berkley Bridge isn't visible in this photo, 
but you can see how beautiful the lights are. 

Visit Wind Warrior's web site for more photos of Norfolk.

From the Bridge, the Norfolk skyline is at my right; the view ahead of  me 
is the Portsmouth waterfront and, near the bottom of the bridge, a small shipyard. 
In the shipyard, all the brick buildings, the ships, and the massive cranes are lighted.
Red lights shine in the water, and green ones,  blue ones, gold, and white.
A rainbow by night.

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