Friday, November 8, 2013

Other Holidays in November

This evening as I was browsing the internet,
I came across a web page called
The couple who run WellCat, Thomas and Ruth Roy,
have a pretty good sense of humor. 
So much so that they have created their own wacky holidays.
It just so happens that in Thomas and Ruth Roy's world,
today, November 8th,  is "Cook Something Bold Day,"
a holiday devoted to cooking something pungent and delicious
so that your whole house smells good.


Here are some things that would make the house smell great
and very autumn-like:  apple pie, cinnamon and cloves, fresh baked bread.
Last night I came home from work and my husband had made a delicious soup.
The house smelled great as soon as I opened the door.
We were observing the Cook Something Bold holiday without even knowing it.

Another crazy holiday by Thomas and Ruth Roy 
is one called "Married to a Scorpio Support Day" on November 18th.
That one made me laugh.

The web site called Holiday Insights lists some unusual November holidays too:
National Indian Pudding Day (always the 13th), 
Clean out your Refrigerator Day (always November 15th);
November 16th is Have a Party with your (Teddy) Bear Day.
I still have my first teddy bear and a dog named Teddy Bear Blue,
so I think this is one we should celebrate in my house.
And besides, it requires cake.
How can you not love a holiday that requires cake?

Holiday Insights has a long list for November, 
but perhaps the most important one besides Thanksgiving is "Eat a Cranberry Day."
Just one.
It will be a short celebration.

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