Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Solar Eclipse of November 2013

Since my job requires me to be on the computer so much,
I ordinarily try to avoid television and the internet on the weekends--
at least until we settle in for the night.
So that is probably why the partial solar eclipse 
of November 3rd, 2013, escaped my notice.
It was visible in the Americas and Africa,
if one knew when and where to find it.

This early morning photo by Rick Taylor 
was taken in Moyock, North Carolina,
which is not that many miles from where I live.
Taken this morning in Moyock, North Carolina by Rick Taylor.  Thanks Rick!
Photo credit:  Rick Taylor, 

Even if we had known about the solar eclipse,
we wouldn't have been able to see it 
since we are surrounded by houses that block the sunrise. 
Still, it was a bit disappointing to have missed the last solar eclipse of the year.

But tonight as we were walking our pekes,
the sky was clear and dark and starlight twinkled above.
We may have missed the morning's eclipse, 
but we got to see the trail of stars left behind.
And who could ever be disappointed by that?

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