Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Snowy Egrets

When we lived in Little Rock,
we used to drive out to Pinnacle Mountain State Park to go hiking.
Every time we went there, we passed a large pond 
with a single dead tree near the shore.
That tree was always covered with Snowy Egrets.
That many white egrets in one place definitely catches one's attention.

I love this photo from the blog "The View from the Canoe."
It really captures the quiet beauty of egrets:

So today when I was zipping from here to there,
I passed a large oval-shaped lake near where I work.
All along the shore, and evenly spaced,
rested almost two dozen snow-white egrets.
Quite a sight, actually.

Judging from this photo on the Birding Information web site,
self-spaced egrets are a common occurrence:

Later I drove past the lake again and the egrets were all gone.
Not a single one remained.
I always wonder where they go and if they all go together.
One of the lesser mysteries of life, I suppose.

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