Monday, November 4, 2013

Autumn Leaves in November

Because the Shire is tucked into the southeastern corner of Virginia,
we have the benefit of a warmer climate.
That's a very pleasant feature, 
especially considering that other places have already had their first snowfall.

But our warmer climate also means that our autumn leaves
don't really begin to show their colors
until late October or early November.
Usually there are a few autumn colors early on,
but they are tame compared to what we see later in the season.

And so it is this year that only in recent days have trees glowed
with colors of scarlet, orange, and deep yellow.
While driving in Norfolk, I have admired several red maple trees
that are at their uttermost red.  
The Red Maple is well known throughout eastern North America for its brilliant scarlet fall foliage.

A beautiful landscape feature in our neighborhood 
is a long parkway with crepe myrtles planted in the median.
I love seeing their orange and red leaves.
The ones in this photo look very much like ours:

Source: "LauraLynn51--trying to catch up";

And in our backyard, along side a tall oak,
there is a sapling with large green leaves splashed with gold.
Now when I look at the window, everything is more than green.
It's one of the nice parts of November.

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