Sunday, July 21, 2013

Window Boxes

When I lived in Missouri,
there was a little cottage in the old part of our city
that completely captivated me.
In a row of Victorians with gingerbread trim,
this little craftsman-style cottage at the end of a long, narrow lot
provided a respite from the architectural noise around it.

And what I liked best about it: its window boxes
filled with flowers and trailing vines.
So today, window boxes.

Here are two from This Old House. 
Simple but inviting. 

I love the blue and violet flowers in this one 
from the Simple Details blog. 
I think they must be a mix of lobelia and maybe verbena:

It's unusual to see orange shutters on a house,
but they look great with the flower box 
filled with geraniums, petunias, and sweet potato vine.
I would love to see what they do with the box for Halloween and Thanksgiving:

I don't know which I like better here,
the tall black shutters or the window boxes full of flowers:

I find this next one really appealing. 
I love black and green together. 
The tiny orange flowers add a nice pop of warmth:

I have always believed that there should be beautiful views 
outside every window of one's house. 
Window boxes are a good way to achieve that.

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