Monday, July 29, 2013

Flower Pots and Planters Gone Wild

Yesterday I shared some images of beautiful garden pots and planters
filled with exquisite mixtures of flowers and greenery
set within manicured gardens.
Of course, most of us end up with at least parts of our gardens that remain untamed,
often because we give way to indifference or self expression. 
Self expression sometimes includes finding creative uses for discarded items
instead of following the rules of formal garden design.
So here are a few that you may--or may not--want in your own gardens.

One of the first that caught my eye 
was the use of tires as planters 
as seen in this photo by "Recaptured Charm":

I would say if you have committed yourself to going the tire route,
than you should consider decorating them a bit like these:
painted, stacked and horizontal:

How about using discarded drawers
as in this photo by "Queen B and Me"?

Using old chairs seems to be a common choice.
A careful combination of chair, pot, and flowers like these
does lend a certain charm to a cottage garden:

Here's one from "Cottage at the Crossroads"
that re-purposes an old grill:

It seems people will use anything as a planter 
as long as it has an empty space to fill with soil. 
Including old books:

But other planters I found on line: volley balls, chicken feeders,
old shoes, boots, baskets,  old toilets, kitchen colanders,
wheelbarrows, wash tubs, and even an umbrella:

I would say some of these "upcycles"
end up looking clever and cute and others don't.
It reminds me of an admonition I once heard:
 even though we can, it doesn't mean we should.
Regardless, it's fun to see what other people come up with.

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