Friday, July 12, 2013

Garden Arbors and Arches Part Two

Yesterday I wrote about garden arbors
and included a brief description of my own.
My sister and one of my friends asked what mine looked like,
so here it is:

It's a modest arbor, but I love it.
I always think there could be improvements, 
but I'm never quite sure what to do 
because dry shade is a real landscaping challenge.

So that is mine, and here are some others I think are beautiful:
Here's one from Barbara Wells Sarudy on her blog at
The photo shows some real wisteria.
(If you look at the photo above, you'll notice my puny wisteria on the upper right
of the arbor. See the difference?)

Here's another one from her blog that I just love.
It appears to be a combination of wood and metal.

This next one has the same graceful arch as the wood and iron one above.
I like its clean, white finish and the accents of red flowers.

This next photo from Lovely Reveries blog--via Pinterest--
shows a climbing rose so lush that the arbor is nearly obscured.
I like the flowering basket and the gentle slope of the garden gate.
And the rough wood makes it look like it's been there through many seasons:

Maybe I should forget trying to coax the wisteria onto my arbor
and plant blue morning glories like these instead:

These next two photos are ones I took last summer
at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.
The first arbor is near Lake Whitehurst. 
It's a lovely, quiet spot.
It would make a great place for an outdoor wedding:

The other is a deep blue arbor surrounded by orange and golden yellow flowers
near the butterfly garden:

I love blue in the landscape. Here's another blue arbor
--more of an elaborate garden gate, 
but I love how the arch frames the tree beyond.

Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll find some more garden delights to share.

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