Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Garden Statues

Garden Statues of the Rabbit Persuasion

Well, instead of a rainy and overcast Monday,
I have awakened to a rainy and overcast Tuesday.
And as I sat drinking coffee at my breakfast room table
and looking out at the sunless morning and wondering what to write,
I caught sight of my stone bunny rabbit garden statue.

This is not my statue. This hare is too muscular:

My "Harvey" has been with us going on about 25 years now.
He has weathered Wisconsin and Missouri winters,
and the humidity and rains of Arkansas and Virginia.
And he's still in great shape save for a large chip and crack in one ear,
which I fixed with concrete patch a few years ago.
To be on the safe side, Harvey now spends his winters indoors 
on one of the kitchen counters or he warms himself by the fireplace.

So what does Harvey look like?
Not like this, too chocolaty:

And not this Michael Karr statue, too active:

And definitely, this is not our Harvey.
This one is too floppy eared:

Join me tomorrow and meet the real Harvey
--and some other garden statues as well.

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