Sunday, July 7, 2013

Down the Garden Path

One of the delights of curiosity is the sense of excitement
one feels when stumbling upon an unexpected turn on a road or path.
And the best garden paths beacon us to walk, to explore, to continue on.
So today, here are some images of garden paths that I would like to walk.

I love the gentle turn in this one:

This one would have to win as most fragrant.
I can just imagine how delightful walking through lavendar could be:

This white stone path leading through an open gate 
offers an invitation to walk through:

I would have trouble deciding which path to take here:

This one has some unusual paving "stones." 
The effect is very graphic and organic. I wonder how long they would last.
If they are cedar, probably longer than some other woods.

I don't normally like flagstone paths 
unless the stones are laid out with larger distances between them
to avoid a broken look. This arrangement makes a pretty path though.
All it needs is a cat sunning itself:

Tomorrow, more garden delights.

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