Thursday, July 11, 2013

Garden Arbors and Arches

We have a garden arbor given to us by friends.
I have a wisteria vine that stubbornly refuses to bloom on one side, 
and in the threshold area, I transplanted broken portions 
of an early 20th-century cement sidewalk that once 
ran the length of my mother-in-law's front yard.
When conditions are right, moss grows between the stones.
But as with many garden features, 
there are a lot of people out there who landscape their arbors better than I.
So today, I'm sharing some of the more picturesque.

This first one really says cottage charm.
It looks like the perfect place to have a cup of tea:

This next arbor is also a creamy white, but feels much more formal,
probably in part by its linear framework 
and the symmetrical planting of 
 bright pink flowering shrubs on either side.

Here's a wooden pergola. I used to have one at a former home,
and they provide amazing shade--although the painted ones are prettier.

Can you ever go wrong with a red arbor?
I love this next one.  I wonder if I could retrofit mine with a garden gate?

This next one has such old-fashioned appeal,
I half expect to see one of my grandmothers walk through it
and offer me fresh-baked cookies.
That is what one's first days in heaven should be like.

I found so many beautiful arbors,
we'll look at more tomorrow.

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