Friday, July 5, 2013

Garden Art Part Two

While I was looking for images of garden statuary,
I came across a lot of what used to be called "hobo" art:
taking old kitchen wares or shoes
or appliances and planting flowers in them.

It reminded me of some recent wayward garden projects I happened upon.
The first was a pair of old work shoes planted with flowers.
Not my thing, but  I suppose one could make a case for its charm.
A bit further on though, we found  a pair of cut off denim jeans 
that some enterprising individual --
no doubt one experiencing a flash of inspiration-- had turned into a planter.

About finding a pair of cut off jeans filled with dirt and flowers,
I can only say it was unfortunate, 
and a sight sure to stay with me longer than I would like.
Who knows? If we had walked further, we might have stumbled upon 
some poor sap's shirt or hat.

But today, I thought I'd share some garden art of a different kind.
Here's one of my favorites.
This "bird chandelier" was posted to the forum
by "purplemoon". I love this idea:
Birdhouse Chandelier closeup

I also think this is beautiful:
Tabatha Yeatts: The Opposite of Indifference: In The Garden

I think this last one is the best. It combines whimsy and beauty:

It should be spectacular once all the blue flowering vine grows in.

Tomorrow, the one thing in a garden I cannot resist.

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