Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little Foxes

Today I had intended to write about more garden delights,
but decided to take a break so I could share 
one of the other sights here in the Shire: foxes on golf courses.

As I've written several times, my husband and his friends
 often encounter a fox or two while playing golf at a local course.
Sometimes a fox may shadow them,
waiting for a chance to capture a golf ball hit into the rough.
Other times, a fox may explore an unattended golf cart
in hopes of finding an unhealthy snack.
Usually golfers see one fox at a time,
but last month, there were four: a mother with two of her growing kits:

and a third kit nearby;

Golfers don't concern themselves with one or two foxes
interested in the game.
I'm not so sure how they'll fare when four little foxes go for the ball though.
I have a feeling four foxes may have an advantage.

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