Thursday, July 25, 2013

Most Popular Front Door Colors

Most popular front door colors--
and what they say about personality

I'm not sure when the color of one's front door
became so important to home fashion.
In past decades, it seems very little attention was paid 
to front doors and entryways beyond their functionality.
As long as the hinges didn't squeak, all was well.

But now the front door is also the doorway to personal expression.
And paint companies have devoted lots of research 
to popular door colors and the psychology of those color choices.
For example, some say that yellow front doors symbolize that the owner 
favors mental clarity, intellect, and sociability.

A 2012 article on the Dow web site
"Five Popular Front Door Colors and what they (might) Say about You"
describes the Paint Quality Institute's research results
for the five most popular front door colors and how those color choices
symbolize one's personality.
Here they are, beginning with the fifth most popular.

#5 Brown

The Institute says a brown door can be read two ways.
Brown can symbolize warmth and homey-ness
or a brown door can signal that the homeowner
 is isolated and wants to be left alone.
Good to know.

#4 Red

A red door is said to convey passion and energy.
Apparently people who choose red doors 
are supposed to have a lot of excitement in their lives.
I have a red door, but I don't know that I have a particularly exciting life--
I guess it depends on your definition of excitement.
If it's being awakened by barking pekingese who want breakfast,
then yes, I have plenty of excitement.

#3 Black

According to the Paint Quality Institute, a black door
says that the owner is sophisticated, intelligent, and worldly.
It is also supposed to signify power and importance. 
But to me, black is also a very "yin" energy color, 
meaning it is a color of slumber and winter.
Regardless, I do like the look of a glossy black door.

#2 Green

A green door is said to signal safety, comfort, and health,
so it is a positive message. When I was searching for green doors,
I found few dark forest green doors, and only one or two spring or Kelly green
as in the photo above. It seems the favored green for a door
is actually a chartreuse or electric lime green like this:

And the #1 paint color for front doors in the USA?
It's blue:

Why blue? The Paint Quality Institute
cites numerous studies showing that blue front doors
symbolize tranquility and calm.
Serenity--always a good choice for a home.

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