Monday, July 15, 2013

Crape Myrtle

When we first moved to the Shire in the late 1970s, we lived in Norfolk. 
I was amazed by two things: 
the magnificence of the Chesapeake Bay across from our apartment
and the thousands of watermelon-colored crape myrtle trees 
that grew along the city's streets and boulevards.

Whether viewed from a distance or up close,
the blossoms are beautiful;

And they come in lots more colors than pink.
A deep vermilion red really fires up the landscape:

The pale lilac color is especially pretty:

And of course, there are white ones:

Here are some planted in an arch at the Dallas Arboretum:
photo copied from

July is when crape myrtles come into full bloom in Virginia and other parts of the South.
One of the nicer results of heat and humidity.

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