Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Magic Carpets

It's amazing how summer living fosters creativity.
From garden art to garden paths,
 it seems those who have the imagination, time, and inclination
can create beautiful outdoor spaces.

While exploring the internet,
I came across some "magic carpets" in several gardens.
Here's the first and it is a real eye-opener 
with its rainbow colors and spiral pattern.
It would be the hit of any garden party,
but it doesn't invite quiet reflection,
something I look for in a garden space.
Even so, I can imagine eating an ice cream cone
while trying to jump from one color to another:

I just love this next "carpet." 
What a wonderful welcome this would offer:
32 Cool Pebble Garden Paths : 32 Amazing Pebble Garden Paths With White Brown Black With Elegant Pattern And Black Fence And Green Wooden Door And Brown House Wall Color

I love this one too. Its design creates a dynamic flow
that is very river-like.
32 Cool Pebble Garden Paths : 32 Amazing Pebble Garden Paths With White Circle Black Brown Small Pebble With Flower Decor And Garden View

This one is so charming. I just love the design
and the fact that it looks exactly like a rug.
The soft charcoal background 
would make this one my choice for a quiet moment;

This last one is an amazing mosaic garden "rug,"
I think this is in a garden center. 
It's beautiful, but it doesn't leave any place for the eye to rest.
But it's got a lovely, vibrant energy:

I would like to say these images make me want to get out there
and create something similar in my own outdoor space.
But I've learned to be a little more realistic.
So if I can just get a couple of stepping stones 
home from Lowe's and out of the trunk of my car,
I figure I'm doing pretty good.
Perhaps in another life...

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