Saturday, July 6, 2013

Garden Art Part Three

It seems there are more photos of garden art on the internet
than one can imagine. 
And many of them are clever and creative, although not always beautiful.
Regardless, this kind of human ingenuity should be shared.
So here are a few more from my travels across the wide world web.

Like this bottle fence from

Here's one from
I like its simplicity and its bright colors.
I can't tell how they are joined though. 
I'm assuming they used large craft beads and some kind of weather-proof line.

This porcupine featured on
provides a prickly counterpart to the surrounding foliage:

Look closely at this next example of garden art from
The flower petals are made from soda cans:

In another "upcycle," we have bumble bees made from chair spindles.
These are for sale at, 
along with dragonflies made the same way:

Tomorrow, we'll be exploring more charming garden decor.

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