Friday, July 19, 2013

Red Garden Gates

I could happily lean on a gate the livelong day,
chatting to passers-by about the wind and the rain.
                                              --Tom Hodgkinson

I just can't get enough of garden gates, it seems.
There is something about them
that offers a boundary of safety and protection, 
and at the same time, issues a friendly invitation to pass through.
It is a paradox.

And no garden gate is more of a paradox than a bright red one.
I found lots of red garden gates on line. 
Here are a few of  my favorites:

This is one that refuses to be ignored.
Isn't it gorgeous?
Red gate

Here's a red "gate" with an Asian flair:

This geranium-red garden gate warms up the stone wall:

This red garden gate is a real stand-out. 
When the hills are deep green, I bet the contrast is beautiful.
In this dormant season, the red gate feels a bit too showy.
Still, one can't help but be drawn to it
and the hills on the other side:

This is my  absolute favorite:

The color red symbolizes passion, fire, and life.
In the Chinese culture, red is "full yang," 
meaning it carries a powerful and expansive energy.
It is the color for joy and good times.
If that is the case, then a red gate must be really auspicious.
Maybe we should all have one.

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