Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Garden Statues Part Two

And Harvey the stone rabbit is revealed ... at the end

When I first moved to the Shire in the 1970s, 
I set out to educate myself about the ways of Southern gardens.
So I subscribed to Southern Living magazine,
the quintessential magazine about gardening, 
cooking, and entertaining in the southern states.

I was always enamored with the magazine's photos of lush gardens and their statuary, 
which looked a lot different than the gardens of the rural Midwest 
that I had grown up with.

So before I reveal my twenty-five-year-old garden rabbit, Harvey,
a look at some beautiful gardens and their statues.
This first one is a beautiful garden;
even if the color of the image is over-saturated.
But the statue is not one that I would choose.
It would be rather unsettling to glimpse a stone man hiding in one's flowers,
despite his pleasant expression:

And a big ix-nay on a nude in my garden
for the same reason:

Not a traditional garden statue, but this is quite beautiful.
It caught my attention while I was looking for statue images.
I would worry about birds flying into it and how to keep it clean and shining:

My tastes run less toward human figures and more towards 
abstract garden sculptures and animals.
Here's a beautiful image of garden art.

This small bird statue is cute, but if it were to be in my garden,
it would need a name:

I love this set of singing birds:

And that brings us finally to Harvey, the stone rabbit,
who is currently being used as a door stop:

Tomorrow, a look at some of the innovative and creative garden art 
I found while looking for images.

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