Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Front Doors and Feng Shui

Feng shui experts place great importance
on the color of front doors.
They say that the choice of paint color must take into account
which direction the house is facing
if there is to be positive or auspicious energy for the house.

Deep yellow gold is said to be best for a door that faces southwest:

When I look out the front door of my house,
which is on a cul-de-sac, 
I see front doors painted deep red, blueberry blue,
deep forest green, Williamsburg blue and glossy black.
My own front door is a bright cardinal red,
a common paint color choice for front doors in the south.
I didn't really choose that color for feng shui reasons,
but I do like the energy of a bright red door.

However, according to the feng shui for front door page
on the web site about.com, red is not the most auspicious color 
for my house because it faces northeast.
The feng shui recommendation would be an earth tone or even pink
(that's definitely not happening)
neither of which sound at all appealing to me.

Blue tones are said to be good for a southeast facing door:

This spring green door would bring good energy to a house facing east:

To me, the most amazing front doors are the ones 
painted in colors that reflected  unique combinations
 of personality and architecture, regardless of compass direction.
Tomorrow, we'll look at some front door paint colors
that are one of a kind.

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