Saturday, February 1, 2014


This morning, a beautiful rainbow appeared on the floor in my living room;
I'm sure because of February.
Yes, it's February!
I am always excited when January ends and February begins,
in part because February hosts a number of holidays and celebrations 
like Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras, 
and some family anniversaries and birthdays.
And if there is snow, it's usually melting by the time February arrives.

Of course, everyone doesn't love February as much as I do--
Anna Quindlen once wrote "February is a suitable month for dying,"
one of the most depressing assessments of a month I've ever read.

"The Month of February" by Abel Grimmer

But there is a lot to appreciate about this month.
At its least, February is the month before March 
and the promised arrival of spring. 
In that regard, it's a welcome half-way point.

But if that doesn't do it for you,
you might like this:
February is also cat appreciation month.


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