Friday, February 28, 2014

The Middle Peninsula

February 28th is a special day in our house,
so we took the day off from work 
and set off for new sights and scenes.
We traveled a short distance out of the Shire 
to Virginia's Middle Peninsula,
setting our GPS for the little town of West Point,
a place where every street has a river view.

West Point is named for a man named West,
and Point because the original part of the town
was established on a small peninsula 
at the confluence of two rivers:
the Pamunkey and the Mattaponi.
The Pamunkey and Mattaponi are Native American Indian tribes.

We didn't get as far as the Pamunkey Reservation Museum,
but it is said to contain artifacts from Pocahontas 
and the reservation, the burial mound of the great Chief Powhatan.

Beautiful bright sunny day, 
friendly people,
beautiful wooded scenery
and mighty blue rivers.

A lovely way to end the month of February.

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