Thursday, February 6, 2014

Decorating for Valentine's Day

With 8 days to go until Valentine's Day,
I thought I'd look around the Internet to see how 
the more creative of us are decorating for the holiday.
I saw this "tablescape" on a kitchen island.
My first reaction was just Wow! It's so beautiful.

Valentine's Day Decorating

But this next one from the same web site, I'm not so sure of.
I've seen black "Christmas" trees decorated for Halloween 
that looked very festive, 
but I can't say I would do this for Valentine's Day:

On the other hand, mantle decorations are a good idea:

And a window filled with hearts can't go wrong:
Page by Cindy Hopper,

Page by Bethany Henwegh,

Valentine's Day hearts hung in the windows
seems like a nice way to brighten a mid-winter day
and give your own heart a little lift in the process.

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