Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cookies for Valentine's Day

I could say I never met a cookie I didn't like,
but as long as there are raisins and candied fruit lurking in cupboards,
 I won't be making such a sweeping statement.
But I do love cookies.
I don't think anyone can be completely sad 
as long as there are cookies nearby.

So for Valentine's Day--let's talk cookies!

Aren't these the most creative cookies ever? 

These have an intricate  and delicate design:

These look warm and comfy:
Photo by Lain Bagwell, via

These are very sophisticated:

I'd have to say if I had a choice between Valentine's Day chocolates and cookies,
it would be an easy decision to make.
I'd look at the cookies and say just one thing:
Be mine.

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