Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Door Decorations for Valentine's Day

42 days, 15 hours, 41 minutes, and fewer than 10 seconds--
that's the countdown to Spring 2014 as I write this. 
Click on the following link to see the seconds tick down:

So with 42 days of mid-winter left,
I'm thankful that Valentine's Day will divert my attention 
from the cold  gray days of February
for at least the next week.
We'll start our countdown to St. Valentine's Day
with Front Door decorations.
Here are a few:

For those of you who like inflatable holiday decorations,
how about a green frog holding a valentine?
Maybe red garland and netting too?
A heart-shaped wreath should be a safe bet:

Or maybe a round wreath:

This isn't a front door, but it's certainly festive:

This is simple, but so attractive, especially on the black door:
From Style Motivation via

Tomorrow, more Valentine fun!

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