Friday, February 21, 2014

A Record High for February

This morning was deliciously warm.
It was delightful to be outside without a coat or even a sweater.
Unfortunately, circumstances forced me inside most of the day,
so my pleasant feeling was limited to those few moments
when I was getting in or out of the car or moving from one building to another.
Just when I was done for the day and could really enjoy the weather,
 a thunderstorm blew in and sent the record high of 79 degrees
plummeting back to February levels.

Before I set out into the chill,
I stood in the window with some other people 
and watched the rain and wind 
flatten some hardy yellow pansies.
"That's life," we consoled each other.
But secretly, I was happy that winter had been held at bay
for a little while.
It's very reassuring.

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