Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Before seating ourselves for a holiday meal,
 my family has often paused to appreciate the bounty of food on the table.
And while I am grateful for the food,
 I'm always enamored with the holiday table decorations too.
Even if only a candle, a few flowers or pretty napkins,
decorations adds a lot to the enjoyment of a meal.
So today I'm sharing some St. Valentine's Day tablescapes.

A red dining room is a complementary backdrop for many holidays,
but  for St. Valentine's Day, it's perfection:

This is cute. Heart-shaped candles floating with rose petals:

The all-white table here seems a little cold to me,
but the tiny nosegays arranged in a heart shape make up for it:

This is a busy tablescape,
but I have to admit, I love the painted branches draped with valentines:

Tomorrow, more Valentine's Day fun.

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